Credit history – what is it and what does it depend on?


Each bank and some loan companies verify the credit history of a potential customer before any loan decision. However, not every person has such a story – in this situation there are people who have not previously incurred any financial obligations. What is a credit history? What does it depend on and why is it worth building?

A positive credit history is often a pass to receive a loan or credit. Financial institutions dealing with lending money are much more favorable towards people who have already incurred financial obligations and paid them back within the set deadline. This, in turn, means that building your credit history depends on using the loan and credit offer.

What is a credit history?

What is a credit history?

The term credit history often appears in the context of the rules for granting bank loans, and increasingly also loans granted by non-bank institutions. Very often it is confused with the concept of creditworthiness; it should be noted, however, that these are not identical phenomena. Creditworthiness is also taken into account by banks and some non-bank institutions before deciding whether to grant a loan, however, it is determined on the basis of completely different premises – the amount of income achieved, the type of contract concluded by the Customer with the employer or the own contribution declared (especially for a mortgage loan).

Credit history is a record of a person’s activities in the context of financial obligations. Information on these activities is sent to the credit checker (Credit Information Bureau). The main purpose of the creation of credit checker was to control borrowers – thanks to the credit checker database, banks can exchange information on financial obligations incurred by customers. This, in turn, enables them to avoid entering into a contract with a person who has a high risk of defaulting or failing to pay it within the prescribed period.

credit checker receives information such as personal data, data on liabilities incurred (including the amount of the liability, repayment period, currency) and repayment timeliness.

Good credit history – what does it mean and how to build it?

Good credit history - what does it mean and how to build it?

A good credit history is one that demonstrates the timely repayment of obligations by a given person. This makes credibility in the eyes of a bank or other institution the probability of trouble-free meeting the terms of the commitment by a potential customer.

You should start building your credit history with small loans. Small liabilities will be much simpler to pay off, and in this case the risk of default is also minimized. Several such operations, even for a small amount, will make a person perceived by the lending institution as a reliable customer. A good credit history may be necessary at another time in your life – eg when a person decides to apply for a mortgage. The conditions for granting such a loan are much more stringent than in the case of a cash loan or an ordinary loan from a non-bank institution. A good credit history is then essential.

When should you start building your credit history?

When should you start building your credit history?

The answer is simple – as soon as possible. Experts meets these expectations. To be able to get a loan, it is enough to be 18 years old, have a bank account, email account, mobile phone with an active SIM card and pass the creditworthiness test. The data provided by the Customer in the form on the home page and the Customer’s credit history are verified by the company. If the checking process is successful, the customer accepts the contract and then James sends to his account the funds in the previously set amount.

Tips for Choosing a Credit Card For Beginners

Credit cards are already a tool used for payment transactions while shopping or other transactions such as eating at restaurants, watching movies in theaters, hotel reservations and more. It is because in this modern age many people prefer the practicality offered by a credit card. The convenience and security of a credit card is also why people choose it as a payment tool instead of using cash. Even more, fans have seen it since 2015 with credit card users increasing by 16.5 million.

However, many users who use credit cards are not surrounded by enough knowledge and information, especially for beginners. Each user needs a different type of card. According to your needs, the purpose of use and financial ability that will also determine the extent of the limit.

Do you already have a credit card?

Do you already have a credit card?

Or want to apply for a credit card application but are still confused about which one is right for you? Dude, in this article Good Finance will talk about tips you can apply when choosing a credit card. Especially if this is your first credit card submission.

Learn First

A credit card is a full-blown payment instrument. In general, almost all banks offering credit card products will include attractive promotions and promotions, such as discounts when shopping at a particular restaurant or store.

Before applying for a credit card, you need to know the basics, procedures, advantages, and disadvantages of each type, in order to maximize your credit card usage. You can also find out this information from the guides on the internet.

Set Clear Purpose of Use

Before applying, first, consider what your goal is to have a credit card. If you want to have a credit card because you love shopping, then look for a credit card with a discount or cashback offer . If you are a holiday traveler, then look for a credit card that offers discounted hotel reservations or airline tickets.

Consider the Cost

When you are about to apply for a credit card, you need to consider the costs incurred by the bank that issued the credit card such as annual dues, interest, administration fees and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a credit card with the smallest cost. Especially if you will pay the installments at the specified nominal minimum. If you have a fixed source of income and are important enough to pay your monthly bills, at least the minimum, then low costs are a major determining factor in choosing a credit card.

Benefit Discount Offered

Benefit Discount Offered

One of the factors that can be considered when choosing the right credit card is a discount or discount offer. If you’re happy to shop looking for a credit card that offers a lot of discount offers, which is usually the result of a credit card issuer’s bank cooperation with a number of sellers or merchants.

Adjust Usage Limit with Ability

This is important, friend. You should adjust your credit card limit to your regular monthly income. Keep in mind, credit cards are not extra money. So you can’t spend anything at a price that exceeds that credit card limit.

Usually, this is the main thing that people who will be applying for a credit card will often notice. Low-interest rates or 2.95 percent, 2.75 percent, and 2.85 percent may be your choice. If there are banks that offer Credit Cards with this service and work with a variety of merchants to charge up to 0 percent, select this credit card.

Quality of Customer Service

Quality of Customer Service

Customer service or customer service is also one of the factors to consider when choosing a credit card. As a credit card user, you will want to get good and complete service from their issuer, among others, including a 24-hour transaction and complaint service with friendly and friendly staff. If you find it necessary to contact your credit card issuing bank often to ask for everything, it’s important to make sure that the customer service provided by your credit card issuer is exactly what you want.

Ensure Security Level

If you really care about the security of transacting or the security of a credit card owner, we recommend choosing a credit card issuer that gives your customers more security. This form of security can be a photo of yourself or printing a signature on a credit card that will work to reduce the risk of misuse of your credit card by an irresponsible party. In addition, nowadays credit card issuers also offer insurance to their credit cardholders.

Dude, here are some tips you can apply when choosing a credit card issuing bank. Especially for those of you who are still a beginner. You should be wise in selecting and selecting and not be easily influenced by advertisements or promotional promotions from the publisher.

Instant loan in 24 hours without credit bureau.


A final loan approval with the instant loan – in 24 hours without Credit Bureau, would be desirable.

Only a preliminary decision within 24 hours that is not from the lender is possible. The article explains how you can make an equally reliable pre-diagnosis yourself.

People who are in an acute financial crisis cannot get fast enough with a loan. The offer for an instant loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau is just right in many cases. Urgent bills or even final reminders might still be paid before the fee trap hits again. Everyone knows that an instant loan is checked using a simplified procedure and paid out in the shortest possible time. Many prospective customers have been waiting for this concept of success to finally be offered without Credit Bureau.

However, anyone who studies advertising carefully will be disappointed. Not only the black sheep of the trade, but also top-class, demonstrably reputable credit brokerage companies participate in the eyewash. Only a preliminary check of the loan within 24 hours is promised. As with the instant loan without Credit Bureau with immediate approval, the preliminary check is carried out by a credit broker on their own. The preliminary decision is based on his credit experience.

How meaningful can a preliminary decision be?

How meaningful can a preliminary decision be?

With a normal instant loan, preliminary credit checks using a fully automated check procedure have long been standard. The exact criteria by which a credit institution evaluates are a well-protected trade secret. Only general key data are published. No credit institution reveals what the credit check program checks in detail, how often small and large adjustments are made.

It is not a problem. The preliminary credit check takes place in the house of the actual lender – on his server. No stranger needs to know the trade secrets for the credit check to give a realistic result. An instant loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau is not pre-checked by the lender himself. As far as is known, only one foreign credit bank currently offers a Credit Bureau-free credit solution for Germans. That is Cream Bank AG from Liechtenstein. The loan offer can be made directly, but also through a reputable credit broker.

The Liechtenstein company does not guarantee an instant loan or a credit check within 24 hours. The preliminary examination, without having the slightest decision-making power, is a look into the crystal ball. Instead of applying for an instant loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau, the preliminary check can also be carried out yourself.

Personal preliminary examination in 1 minute – credit without Credit Bureau

Personal preliminary examination in 1 minute - credit without Credit Bureau

The following case study relates to a single borrower with no maintenance obligations. The loan application will be rejected if..

– The prospective borrower is entered in the public debt register
– There is an attachment of income
– The labor income has been assigned
– The prospect is self-employed or unemployed
– The employment contract is limited in time 
– The prospect is 58 or older
– The applicant has been with his employer for less than 12 months
– The net labor income falls below 1,130 USD (single person)

If one of the above key points cannot be met, the loan is definitely rejected. Aid from a guarantor is excluded.

An instant loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau is a normal loan without Credit Bureau and the most important decision criteria are now known. Individual uncertainties can only arise with the level of income. The phone support of the Liechtensteiner Cream Bank is very nice and competent at the same time. Nobody guarantees that targeted demand is resentful.

Credit conditions – Credit Bureau-free credit from Liechtenstein

Credit conditions - Credit Bureau-free credit from Liechtenstein

A loan without Credit Bureau is only offered in two loan amounts, USD 3,500 and USD 5,000 net loan. The term is fixed to 40 months for both loan models.

An effective annual interest rate of 11.62 percent is calculated for the loan of USD 3,500. A monthly payment of USD 105.95 is payable. A total of 4,238 USD will be repaid. Under otherwise optimal conditions, a single person must prove a monthly net work income of at least 1,130 USD.

A loan without Credit Bureau in the amount of 5,000 USD costs 11.61 percent effective annual interest. The monthly installment for this loan amount is 151.35 USD. A total of 6,054 USD will be repaid. A single person must already be able to prove a net work income of 1,600 USD for this credit request.

The effective annual interest rates mentioned apply as of October 22, 2013, for direct applications and non-cash payments. External costs, such as certification fees or agency costs, are not recorded. An instant loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau is only the advertising offer of a credit broker. It therefore costs about three percent of the loan amount additional agency fees.